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IVAU's Baby Wrap Won MUSE Design Award in USA

IVAU Reigns Victorious in the 2022 MUSE Design Awards

New York, NY – Oct 14, 2022 The full list of Season 2 winners for the 2022 MUSE Creative and Design Awards had been officially announced by the International Awards Associate (IAA), marking the end of the 2022 competition. With well over 8,000 entries received from across the world, the MUSE Creative Awards and MUSE Design Awards resumed their mission to honor creative and design professionals’ excellence.

For this competitive season, IVAU Ltd. walks away with the Product Design of the Year, Silver Award in the competition. The winning work, A Piece of Paradise Baby Wrap, that seized the win was created by Chance Xie, founder of IVAU. The new lifestyle brand is extremely honored that their product that pioneers fashionable babywearing is awarded by an international panel of expert design judges to be the innovation that redefines the boundary and scope of a newborn essential – baby’s first carrier.   

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