A Letter from Chance

Dear parents,

I am so excited you picked up our piece of paradise for your baby. As a mother of two, I think this is the single most meaningful newborn essential and I can’t wait to share with you this incredible journey of IVAU. 

My baby girl Ocean who came into our lives while we were stranded in Fiji, inspired me to create IVAU. Having a newborn during a Pandemic was tough. We had to take care of her all by ourselves with a toddler and all the difficulties that came with WFH…I found the wrap I once used for my toddler to carry baby Ocean with me so I could multitask. Soon, I realised this act of convenience to carry her is leading to an attachment that is profound for both baby and me.  

I got to know my baby intuitively. I knew her needs not by books or teaching but by heart and the closeness I shared with her. I recognized her natural rhythm. To know your baby so well and to be the one who can truly comfort her, this feeling is so empowering. I found the confidence to take on the world in its most difficult moment all while knowing my baby is safe and content in my warm embrace.  

I want to share with you this revelation of our connection, because you are born with this ability. Your baby will help you. Babywearing is not a new concept but having tried every product that is available and carried my baby extensively, I realized the art of babywearing needs a makeover. Not only it should be more practical, but it should be one of the most beautiful moments in parenthood. 

So I created our collections to help you feel beautiful and empowered as a newborn's mother, to truly enjoy the most precious bonding experience there is. Take your newborn to experience the world together. Smell the sea wind, listen to bird songs, share a moment of pure love & joy that is essential in your child’s early development. 

Each one of our original designs are created for such treasured moments. I hope you will create many of such memories and share with me #ivaumoment.  

With love from paradise,