Our Philosophy

The secret of parenting is not in what we do but rather who we are to our children. When our children seek contact and closeness with us, we become empowered as their nurturer, guide and model. For a child well attached to us, we are her foundation from which to venture into the world, her safe harbour to fall back to, her root of inspiration. For a child well attached to us, she masters the inner courage to succeed in life.

Parenthood is ultimately a relationship, not a skill to be learned. This is why we believe it is essential to nourish this connection from the beginning.

When you wear your baby in an IVAU wrap, the fundamental purpose is to nurture emotional connection. By placing her in your warm embrace, head resting on your chest, she is close enough to kiss. You are giving her an invitation to connection.

This experience will awaken the parent within you and provide your child a positive foundation to grow. Such charming and engaging moments are precious memories of the early months, but the impact of this attachment will last for a life time.

As children grow older, the way to nurture our connection is no longer holding on physically but holding on emotionally.

The ultimate gift to a child is to make her feel invited to exist in our presence exactly as she is. A child must know that she is wanted, special, significant, valued, appreciated, and enjoyed. For children to fully receive this affirmation - to believe it and to be able to hold on to it even when we are not with them physically - it needs to be genuine and unconditional.

In holding on to our gift of unconditional love, our child can hold on to us emotionally - just as the infant held with love in our IVAU baby wrap.