A Revelation

The story of IVAU is a family's endeavour to nourish our close connections by sharing an extraordinary journey together.

We are an ordinary family living life to the fullest with our two toddlers. Well, the adventure began with just one. Start of 2020, we packed up our house in Hong Kong and took our one year old boy to live seasonally in wow-inspiring places on earth. No one expected we'd be stranded in paradise at our first stop - Fiji due to the Pandemic.

We embraced the life changing uncertainty and settled down by the beautiful lagoon, Maui Bay. We never saw so many rainbows, so vibrant and enormous. We never imagined the ocean could present infinite shades of blue, different every day. The one year lock-down made us realise the importance of relationships in our lives and the power of nature. Our 2nd child was born a year later, a baby girl named Ocean and so was the concept of IVAU. Now, we continue our global adventure as a family of four.

Many people ask us how do we have the courage to take two kids travel while running a startup. Our confidence to lead and take care of our children really comes from the connection we built with them from Day One through babywearing. IVAU means Bonding in Fijian. Our award-winning baby wraps are designed with first hand experiences carrying our own children extensively. We hope they will empower you to nurture rewarding and joyful relationships in your own journey of IVAU, beautifully.

Ultimately, IVAU is a declaration of what we value in life. We believe relationships in our lives and connection with nature bring true lasting happiness. By choosing IVAU, you are making a vow to refocus what truly make us happy - our close connections that can not be bought and the pure joy from being in nature, priceless.

Through artfully designed lifestyle products, IVAU dedicates to nourish connections in every stage of our lives and celebrate a profound appreciation of what is our shared birthright - the spellbinding beauty of nature.

Join this journey from Day One.
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