IVAU baby wraps are specially designed to rediscover one of the most beautiful moments in parenthood - bonding with newborn. Created by a mother of two and tastemaker in ultra-lux travel, Chance Xie drew on her know-how of world's best to reinvent the art of babywearing. Every detail is reconsidered to elevate the design of a fashionable baby wrap that not only makes it a newborn essential but also is a beautiful keepsake in a modern woman's wardrobe. Learn more about the IVAU Difference.

The first impression upon receiving our products is always how incredibly silky soft it is. This is the magic of our custom-milled, luxurious fabric made from organic bamboo. It is BLUESIGN® and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified according to world's strictest chemical safety and sustainability standards for textile.

This special knit is incredibly lightweight, breathable, durable and is organically anti-baterial, hypoallergenic and odor sistant. It is perfect for baby's delicate skin year round.

All of our dyes are nontoxic AZO-, phthalate- and metal-free. We do not use flame retardants.

We are creatures of connection, it’s the core of our being. In the life of developing little humans and for many grown ups, close connections are what matter the most.

World leader in child developmental psychology, Dr. Gordon Neufeld states there are six stages of attachment an infant will ideally progress through to form a positive fundation for life.

When a child develops a strong bond with their primary caregivers (that’s you!), they can form strong and healthy relationships in the future. This is why we believe it is essential to nourish this connection from the beginning. IVAU’s custom milled baby wrap provides the perfect snug hold for the first attachment stage through senses, while our matching baby and womenswear collection supports children's developmental stage 2, attachment through sameness.

IVAU's baby wrap is specially designed to be baby's first carrier from birth to help baby and mother's smooth transition into the 4th trimester. We recommend to start using our wrap before delivery as a belly support, so to get used to the tying method. Upon baby's arrival, practice the beneficial Kangaroo Care with baby in our wrap. When you are ready, take baby out to experience the world together in the safe embrace of our wrap.

IVAU baby wrap's best usage is between 0-6 months to nurture baby's important developmental stage - attachement through senses. Beyond that, our wrap is suitable as a carrier for the first year of baby's life up to 25 pounds.

A true multi-tasker, IVAU baby wrap can be used as a swaddle, a stroller blanket, nursing cover, to turn into a chic woman's top or hair piece. It is a newborn essential that can last much longer and become a keepsake in any fashionable mom's wardrobe.

This simple, yet remarkably effective approach - known as Kangaroo care is scientifically proven to be beneficial to care for preterm infants. It is so valuable, we sincerely recommend every baby to experience kangaroo care as often and as long as possible.

Kangaroo care is a special way for you to hold your infant that gives the baby skin-to-skin contact. The baby wears only a diaper and is held upright, closely against your chest. This is exactly the position your baby is in an IVAU wrap, making it a natural place to practice this. Kangaroo care is proven to stabilize baby's heart rate, regulate infant's body temperature, improve breathing and oxygen level, increase sleep time and weight gain, promotes positive brain development and decrease crying. The benefits for parents include improving bonding, more successful breastfeeding and increasing your confidence to care for your new born.

We love baby wearing for the bonding closeness and the hands-free mobility. But did you know that there are scientifically-proven benefits to both you and your baby? Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should wear your baby. Read more

According to researches by International Hip Dysplasia Institute, IVAU's One & Only Carry (inward-facing) may be healthier than any other carry method, especially during the first six months of infancy. When the infant is carried while facing towards the mother in the M-position, it generates beneficial forces for hip development. Therefore, the IHDI recommends inward-facing carry to promote optimum hip development.

Additionally, biomechanical studies show that inward-facing is more ergonomic for the adult carrying the child because it places the infant’s center of gravity closer to that of the adult. As a result, the inward-facing position has been identified as the natural position for both infants and parents.

We believe in simplicity. With a new born, you are a busy parent. Our One & Only carry is the easiest and most comfortable carry method, so you can focus on building your emotional connection with your baby.

Other wearing styles such as baby facing forward or on your back put too much pressure on baby's spine and joints, it is not healthy and unsafe for the early months which our IVAU wrap is made for. The one-sided sling carry is ergonomically unhealthy for the wearer as baby's weight is not evenly balanced on your body. Therefore, we advise against such carrying positions in IVAU wrap.

Yes, absolutely. Once you and baby have an established breastfeeding relationship and are comfortable wrapping together, a few simple adjustments can make nursing in the wrap both easy and convenient. IVAU womenswear are thoughtfully designed with easy nursing and effortless chic in mind. They are perfect for nursing without taking off the wrap. Find more info and tutorials @ivaufiji

It depends on your recovery but take it slow. Because baby should be wrapped high and tight, where you tie your knot should not come near your incision site. Each person's healing time and reaction to surgery is different, so follow your body and start with short period of wearing or wear baby for skin to skin while seated. This is great about IVAU. Buckled carriers cannot be used until much later following a c-section as the waistband falls at or near the incision site.

No, according to child development experts, it is impossible for parents to hold or respond to a baby too much. Infants need constant attention to give them the foundation to grow emotionally, physically and intellectually.

When you carry your baby in IVAU, it makes them feel secure. The more secure they feel, the more comfortable they are independently later on. Experts even suggest that fathers carry their infants in IVAU to forge a closer relationship, so they can also experience the magic of oneness with baby!

No, as your baby's sensory and physical development progress, they will gradually get used to the new environment outside of the womb. The sense of security you provided to her by carrying her in your IVAU will help her adapt to this transition much more smoothly. When your baby is ready, she will prefer to sleep in bed, just like every one of us enjoying sleeping laying down than be held upright.

Your baby will give you the cue. You will find it much easier to wear your baby in the early months as they are light and not mobile. Typically, by six months, your baby would have mastered head control and becoming increasingly curious about the world around her. By this time, your baby has successfully transitioned out of the fourth trimester, she can feel equally secure sitting in a stroller. We certainly recommend introducing a stroller into the carrier mix by this time.

IVAU baby wrap is designed to be multifunctional. It is not only a carrier. You can use it as a stroller blanket, a nursing cover, turn it into a chic top or even a hair piece. It is a newborn essential that last much longer than the newborn months. Follow @ivaufiji for tutorials!

Coming from paradise islands of Fiji, nature is an essential part of our lives. We believe it is important to cultivate a love of nature in our next generation, not only for the conservation of our planet, but also because the joy of nature is pure. If our children can feel simple happiness from sunset, sound of the ocean, sand in the toes, they have an eternal source of happiness that is non-materialistic and never fading.

Join us in our celebration of the spellbinding beauty of nature, a tribute to the natural wonders of our shared birthright!

We are passionate to help every mother to experience the magic of #IVAUMOMENT in our wrap. We are happy to help you and baby get comfortable and confident wearing IVAU. You can schedule a 15-minute virtual or in-person appointment or email a photo of you and baby wrapped anytime to advice@ivaufiji.com

Wash IVAU products in cold water on a delicate cycle and tumble dry on low heat. If hanged-dry, it is naturally winkle free.

Do not wash with clothing items with snaps, buttons or zippers, which may cause pilling or lead to holes in the fabric. Avoid clipping anything, including pacifier clips, to our fabric to avoid unintended holes.