Importance of Attachment

We are creatures of connection, it’s the core of our being. In the life of developing little humans and for many grown ups, close connections are what matter the most.

World leader in child developmental psychology, Dr. Gordon Neufeld states there are six stages of attachment an infant will ideally progress through to form a positive foundation for life.

When a child develops a strong bond with their primary caregivers (that’s you!), they can form strong and healthy relationships in the future. If such basic attachment needs are not met, children can get stuck and unable to move into the next stages of attachment smoothly.

This is why we believe it is essential to nourish this connection from the beginning. IVAU’s custom milled baby wrap provides the perfect snug hold for the first attachment stage through senses, while our matching baby and womenswear collection supports children's developmental stage 2, attachment through sameness.